Monday, November 28, 2011

What We Are Thankful For

Thanks Giving has come and gone, and as usual this is late. We had our good friends the Hale's come and spend a couple of days with us. Lot's of catching up to do. Part of it was about their middle son, Tommy, who spent this Thanks Giving over seas as a medic with the Army. Our prayers went out to him as well as the men and women he is serving with.

Thanks Giving it's self was hosted by our son Matt and his family at their house in Calvert. In addition to Turkey, we provided a couple of rabbits. One of the highlights was the hog our Grand Daughter Ali shot at HomePlacce not to long ago. Matt made a ham from one of the leg quarters, and it was great.

Part of the Thanks Givings adventures was working on our truck. Matt, his friend Steve and Hangman put in three days worth of hard work and head scratching. I helped for the most part by staying out of the way and fetching what was needed.

In the end we got the gaskets were changed out, the timing reset, and it actually started without starter fluid.

I am thankful for many things, but family and friends that would spend three days of Thanks Giving Weekend working on our truck, and call it 'part of the fun' are at the top of my list.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big Things Happening With Stephanie Plum

This is a busy time for Stephanie Plum, and her fans.

In June of this year SMOKIN' SEVETEED was released. The bond office had moved into 'The Mooners' RV temporally after...for that you need to read SIZZLING SIXTEEN. I don't want to ruin it for you.

In SMOKIN' SEVETEED Stephanie ends up with several bad guys trying to get her. Ranger and Joe Morelli are franticly trying to keep her safe, but you won't believe who finally takes the villains out. It's been a busy year and it ain't over yet.

The next book will be EXPLOSIVE EIGHTEEN. It was hinted that either Joe or Ranger would be coming to Hawaii with Stephanie, but we don't know which.
The next book opens with a grumbling Stephanie coming home after a disastrous vacation. Getting on the plane in Hawaii alone for the return trip is the highlight of the next few days.

So when is the new book coming out? I believe that depends on how you're going to get it. The release date is Novemer 22, 2011 - Tuesday of this week. Unlike the Harry Potter Novels, there are no midnight release parties for Stephanie Plum.

Or Are There?

More and more of us have started using electric media. The release for the Nook and Kendal versions are also listed as November 22, 2011 but I am guessing that will mean after midnight Monday. Its possble night owls could be reading EXPOLSIVE EIGHTEEN tomorrow night!

For years Helene and I have gotten the Plum books in audio format. It prevents fisticuffs over who will read it first. Then there is the "have you gotten to the part - DON'TTELLMEDON'TTELLME!DON'TTELLME!" With the audio books we hear it together.

So are we out of luck? I don't think so. has all the Stephanie Plum books available to date. I'm pretty sure EXPLOSIVE EIGHTEEN will be available at 00:01 AM Tuesday morning. We have already started gathering the pop corn, pizza, wine, cheese and crackers and enough tuna and raw meat to keep the cats off our food.

Along with EXPLOSIVE EIGHTEEN a movie tie-in edition of ONE FOR THE MONEY is being released on November 22. There is an electronic version of this as well. We may pick up a copy next time we are in town, but we won't be reading it until January.

January 27, 2012 is the long awaited release date of the Stephanie Plum Movie adaption of ONE FOR THE MONEY. You may find Plum fans a bit 'Testy' over the wait we've had. The date was changed so often the faithful were gathering torches and pitchforks. Now we have a trailer and several sites have stills from the movie. I posted some eariler in the year.

One Site I can highly recommend is STEPHANIE'S OBSESSION. Her listing for the trailer is a September 23, 2011 entry. If the link doesn't work cut and paste it into your search bar. In addition this site has lots of articles and interviews related to the movie.

The tralier can be found on U-Tube as well. The pictures can be located with most search engines.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Favorite Part Of Halloween

Trick 'er Treating was a bust at HomePlace last night. Helene and I had our bonfire and stood by with Chocolate Treats and roasting marshmallows.

Bear is a champion Trick 'er Treater. Sadly (in his eyes) he never gets chocolate, and very few marshmallows. The dog treats, however, are all his.

The only thing missing was the undersized monsters. Then again, as we live three miles out of Bremond, I wasn't really expecting any. There havn't been any goblins in the last ten years.

So it was just Helene and I, and Bear, and the outside cats drifting in and out, and the chocolate and marshmallows. Not bad, not bad at all!

And today my favorite part of Halloween begins -

the Halloween Candy Sales!