Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans Day in Fall County, Texas

For the better part of 10 years I have taken part in the Falls County Historic Commission's observation of Veterans Day at the County Court House in Marlin.

Since Helene retired from teaching a year and a half ago she has been able to take part as well.

Last year it rained cats and dogs and all outdoor services were canceled. This year we made up for it.

We do this for the Veterans but it is not a one was street. We have the opportunity to meet a few of these wonder people and thank them in person. For history buffs like myself I can talk to individuals who participated in events I have read about and hear as much of their story as they are comfortable sharing.
We thank our Veterans and active duty men and women for thier service and sacrifice.


  1. I thought the flags were beautiful waving in the breeze. So many I couldn't get them all in the camera frame.

  2. Thanks Zack,
    Helene and I had a display of World War Two American Small Arms there I had intended to talk about but it just didn't seem right. That day was for the Veterans, I didn't want to take focus from them promoting our activitys. I'll toot my own horn another day.