Friday, February 12, 2010

The Stephanie Plum Movie is a GO!

Wake up the kids and call the neighbors! There's finally going to be a Stephanie Plum movie, we hope, we hope, we hope
As exciting as this news is, it's been a long time coming. For as long as I have been reading Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series there has been talk of a movie. Janet sold the movie rights years ago but nothing happened. At one point she even tried to buy the movie rights back but the studio wouldn't let them go.
A few days ago Columbia Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment announced they had cast Katherine Heigl in the movie version of ONE FOR THE MONEY based on the first book of the series. If the film is successful there is lots of material for follow ups.
Readers have love/hate relationships with their favorite books being make into films and I was one of the worst. There is no actor or actress in the world that will fill everyones expectations of what Stephanie, or Ranger, or Lula will look like. Then there is all the neat stuff not filmed. I personally think we have a winner in Katherine Heigl. As for the neat stuff not filmed...
Ten plus years ago I started working background in historic films and learned the ugly truth. Movies are in a constant battle for time. The time it takes to film a movie can make or break a project. And then, if the film is too long it suffers. The question should be dose the film respect the book it's based on? I have high hopes for this project
One of my earlier post, titled Could They... delt with the problem of Stephanie shooting a would be killer while her gun still in her purse. I will be curious to see how this part of the story is handled
For the Stephanie fans the next book, SIZZELING SIXTEEN will be released on June 22, 2010. Helene and I will be at the Barnes and Noble in College Station, Texas that day to get ours.
I will post more information about the ONE FOR THE MONEY movie as it comes available.


  1. Hah! She isn't dark conmplected enough. I fear severe disappointment after hearing the review. Maybe Grandma Mazur will get a bigger part though.

  2. I hope they will have Grandma Mazur shoot the chicken. Thats one of the funniest parts.

  3. Wow, at least you share the feelings of hating it when our favorite book is being filmed. I don't like it honestly, destroys my imagination of the book. When Harry Potter was being filmed, I never did watch the movie. I don't want to ruin my impression about the story.

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