Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Back

Well friends, I took longer than expected but I have returned. The old computer has been tossed into the River Stix and Helene and I are making friends with a new Dell Laptop.

There are adjustments to be made to be sure. The keyboard is sightly smaller which leads to more interesting adventures in spelling than I normally present my readers...which is saying something. I am making friends with the touch pad, but there may still be a mouse in this beastie's future. That brings us to the operating system - Windows 7.

I am assured by folks who know computers much better than I that Windows 7 is a much better system. Perhaps, but I spend a lot of time wishing I had XP on this machine.
Tomorrow will come painfully early and lots to do. Wish me, the new Dell Laptop and Windows 7 luck.