Sunday, June 6, 2010

D-Day + 66 Years

Like the other baby boomers 'The Greatest Generation' was not a rem0te and mysterious concept for me. These were the folks, men and women who raised us. They were our parents and grandparents but also our aunts and uncles, even cousins and older brothers. They were our teachers, police and grocers. They were everywhere.

Today my thoughts are of the men I've had the privilege of knowing who took part in D-Day 66 years ago today. They would be the first to point out everyone, in and out of the service, contributed where ever they were.

These were ordinary folks, uprooted from their lives, who faced the dragon of the 20th. Century and met it head on. Afterwards they buried their dead, healed their wounded and returned to their lives.

I thought they would last forever, but I only have to look at the guy with gray hair in the mirror to understand no one does.

Embrace the World War Two vets we still have with us, and say a prayer for those who have gone to their rewards.


  1. Once more.... Blessings upon those who fought for our freedoms,those still here and those who've passed.