Monday, September 20, 2010

Are There Any Remington Model 8 Rifles in Central Texas?

I have always loved this illustration. This guy is having the mother of all rude awakenings. And it stresses the need to have a really good rifle. He is either really happy he bought the best ammunition the store had, or he is praying the gun will go bang and cursing his cheapskate ways.

The rifle is a Remington Model 8, a classic dating back before World War I.

I have admired these iconic weapons pretty much all my life, but have never had the pleasure and honor of fireing one. I need to change that and hope some of you folks might be able to give me a hand.

Last month I posted Them Bank Robbers is Worth Money about the Dead Bank Robbers Reward Program and asked if any readers had additional information. I got an excellent lead, thanks Bob.

In the same story I have a character using a Remington Model 8. I have read a couple dozen articles about the rifle. The shooters reading this know that won't tell me half as much as getting together with someone who has one and running a box of cartridges through it.

So, if anyone in the Central Texas Area has one of these rifles and would like to go shooting some time, please email me at and let me know when. If some of you folks out of the area know of anyone who lives here, please pass them my information.

I realize getting the guns wrong has never kept anything out of print, but I want to do the Remington Model 8 justice.


  1. I saw one for sale a couple of months ago on Texas Gun Trader in the Austin area... I'll see if I can find it again

  2. Thanks Aaron, I will check some of these sites as well. I hadn't thought of that.

  3. If you don't already own a copy you might want to look for "The Great Remington 8" by John Henwood. It's the definitive (and only) book on these cool old guns.

  4. Thank you Hans,
    I remember seeing the book at gunshow but it had sliped my mind. I'll look into Inner Library Loan to see if they can scare one up.
    Thanks for the tip.

  5. usually has 10-20 Remington Model 8's and 81's. They go for $250-$800. I suggest the Model 8's in .35 Rem.