Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Well Done Green Lantern

Yesterday Helene and I drove to Bryan with her teaching buddy Maggie. We had a number of errands to run, had a nice lunch, and ended the day with a movie - The Green Lantern.

The Green Lantern, at that time his secret identity was Alan Scott, made his appearance in 1940. That incarnation lasted less than ten years.

By the time I got into comics The Green Lantern had a radical makeover and came back as Hal Jordon, hotshot test pilot. Like the rest of the Justice League, he fought endless battles against impossible odds and won - but not without taking his lumps along the way. Like the other super heroes, he had one simple message, never give up! Kids could have worst role models.

In this film The Green Lantern is brought to life by Ryan Reynolds. I can't say the character was exactly what I expected but I was not disappointed. I was delighted to see the folks the folks involved in making the film had actually read the comics. Rare these days! We left the theater hoping they will make more.

And now our childhood heroes - Superman, Batman, Spiderman and the Green Lantern star in big budget blockbuster films. And who fills the theaters? Kids of course. Kids of all ages.


  1. Enjoyed the movie and the day.Guess we'll have to add this one to our list! Maggie even liked the movie. I really liked The Great Wall restaurant; an excellent selection with sushi, crispy fried green beans and lots of other goodies. Glad we were all able to go together.

  2. Heh! I used to enjoy that comic book series. I'll give the movie a view...