Wednesday, October 5, 2011

That's it for Water Melon

We have had a hard summer this year at HomePlace. I've lost track of the number of days we've had over one hundred degrees. Over the last few months we have put thousands of gallons of water our gardens. This has been met with mixed results.

Okra seems to like the heat. Cherry tomatoes are OK with it. Swiss Chard, not so much. Big tomatoes don't seem to like it. Both have been stunted this year.

My personal disappointment has been the water melons. I love water melons and have since I was a little kid. We planted several 'hills' and Helene calls them and added bunny pooh and water.

The vines came pretty quick and spread. There is a thrill to spotting your first water melon, don't' let anyone tell you different. The problem is they grew slowly. There were other problems as well.

Like me, critters love water melon. I'm not sure if it's the drought or love of water melon, but it seems like we discover another melon messed up every day or so. The result is, of the melons that have ripened this summer, we got two. The rest were damaged or got end rot and were fed to the rabbits and chickens.

So today we collected the melons, pulled up the vines, and carted it all to the feeding area.

Better luck next year.

1 comment:

  1. At least they fed the chickens and rabbits, so it wasnt a total waste.

    Looks like we're only getting two pumpkins, too. And small at that.

    Things are looking up though. The garden wouldn't have survived without your efforts.