Friday, April 6, 2012

News - Not Unexpeted

I got a call from my sister Alesia last Saturday (March 30). She told me my Aunt Frances, my fathers sister, had passed away that morning. This was not unexpected, but still sobering.

The world knew her most of her life as Mrs. Frances Fisher, a life long resident of Moore County, Texas. She married my Uncle Thurman in 1941, and they were only parted by World War Two until he passed away in 1996.

To me she was, and will always, be Aunt Tansy. For the life of me I can't recall where the nick name came from.

Aunt Tansy was the strong one who looked after those around her. She gave wise councle.

When we are young we expect parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins to be with us forever. All too often we don't realize what a treasure they are until they are gone.

We had Aunt Tansy for 93 years. The years ahead will be poorer for her absents.

God's speed Aunt Tansy. You were loved and will be missed.


  1. Sorry for your lose, Art. She sounds like a rare bird.

  2. The name Tansy was from our Dad. He couldn't pronounce Frances when he was a little boy - it came out Tansy. I suppose that is why 'our' family is the only one who calls her that.

    The funeral was nice. Cold, dreary morning, but a beautiful day afterwards. I got to see 9 of the 14 cousins in our generation. I enjoyed hearing stories from all around.


  3. Thanks Alesia, I wish I could have been there.