Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Got Hacked

A few days ago James at hellinahandbasket got hacked. Luckly he got everything back up the next day.

Today it was my tern, only this time it was my facebook acount. I got a call from my adopted sister about an hour ago scolding me for upseting a another friend. Evidently the third party got an IM from "me" asking for a loan and "I" didn't react well to being refused.

When Charlie (my adopted sister - long story) told me I had sent the message earlier tonight I knew I had been hacked. My last message had been sometime on Tuesday.

So, I think this is restricted to facebook - but maybe not. I have a favor to ask.

If any of you get a message from me asking to borrow money, suggesting we join the French Foreign Legion or challenging you to a duel check with me before you send your second to HomePlace to discuss terms please.

I would be grateful.

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