Friday, October 26, 2012

I Hate Cathaeters

I hate cathaeters!
I understand what they do.
I understand why they are important in the type of surgery I had.
Perhaps having one for a couple of days wouldn't be too bad.
Having one for fifteen days
If you have never had a cathaeter
Hit the prayer bones and give thanks.
I have worked out the hours until this thing will be romoved on October 30th.
After I publish this I will work out the minutes.


  1. Bruce has a comment: Having the chest tube pulled out was the most disconcerting thing he has ever felt, for 5 minutes, until they pulled out the urinary catheter, then it became the second most disconcerting thing he has ever felt.

    You will be glad you were asleep when they put it in, he says.

  2. My father in law has had the great misfortune of having to have a catheter since January. There's no end of his need in sight since he refuses to get the surgery the doctors recommend to fix the problem that led to the cath in the first place. Stubborn, stiff necked....

  3. Greetings from Texas,
    My heart goes out to your Father In Law Sheard K. I find it difficult to imagine a surgery that would be worse than wearing this thing. I am now inside 35 hours of having it out and wish they would pass faster.