Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bacardi Gold Reserve and Triple Sec - If you ever wondered

I have been "allowed" to assist with Helene and Maggie's garage sale. One of the items we found was my old travel bar from my Science Fiction Convention Days.

My personal drink was always Chivas Regal, but that's a story for another time. When I checked the inside of the bar case it contained a bottle of Bacardi Gold Reserve and a bottle of DeKuyper Triple Sec. I don't know the legal stand on selling them with the portable bar, so they came out.

Party Time!


The problem is I had not remembered they were in the portable bar. They had been stored in a hot shipping container since May of 2000. So some of you may be wondering what condition the booze is in after being stored in bad conditions. Inquiring minds want to know! Who knows, I might need this for a story someday.

This led to my experiment in two parts. Part one - how do they taste? Personally, I don't really care for either. Even so they were horrible!

Part two - what about the alcohol? Will alcohol cook off in ten plus years?


Booze stored in a hot shipping container for ten plus years still makes a (two) wonderful Molotov Cocktail.

In case you ever wondered.


  1. LOL! Excellent to know 10 year old liquor will still be useful during the zombie invasion!

    PS: I tried Chivas Regal because of you...and -nothing- kills that taste. Ewwww....

  2. Greetings from Falls County, Texas

    Keep in mind, I drink it because it is an aqiured taste - and it takes a long time.

    My brother has been a full blown alcoholic since he was a teenager. I carry the same traite. I worked for a time with men it was dangerious to refuse to drink with. My boss at the time suggested chosing "My Posin" and drinking nothing else. I chose Scotch because I didn't like the taste. I chose Chivas because it shows some refinement.

    I can make a Scotch and water last all night long just adding water, and make the booze hounds think I'm matching them drink for drink.

  3. (Zack says)

    My drinking days are long gone too. Should I live to turn 80-years-old, then I will resume consuming wholesale amounts of Bourbon, cigars, and strawberry cheese cake. Until then, I am firmly seated on the wagon.

  4. Greetings from Texas,
    It's wonderful to hear from you Zack. I can't really take any bows here.

    I first stayed away from booze and drugs because of my flying. Later on I had all the trouble my brother, and oldest sister, got into to keep me on the strait and narrow.

    The crew I worked with weren't bad sorts, at least not all of them. Drinking was one of the things you did to fit in. Folks are funny that way.

  5. If it can burn, eventually you'll have to set fire to it, Dear!

  6. Charlie

    You told me that you loved drinking Chivas. I actually like it. It's the Tully that is Irish Draino.

    I think that bottle of Bacardi was supposed to be mine.

    Gawds I miss you, big brother!

  7. Greetings from Falls County,
    Key word was 'aquired taste' Charlie. When I first started drinking Scotch, long before I met you, I couldn't stand it. I chose it because I have two siblings who are alcholics and I didn't want to make it three.

    I now actually enjoy it, but will go months without touching a drop for the same reason. I drank at the Cons for the same reason I drank with my crew, to fit in. You will also remember the first drink was scotch and water. The rest of the night I topped of with water.

  8. I love Bacardi Gold Reserve ! i didn't know it could keep fresh for so long !!
    lol thank you !