Monday, July 4, 2011

Simi Thompson - Fireworks HomePlace Style

Still no rain at HomePlace, but that didn't mean no fireworks. At least not for me. Due to the days heat Helene and the cats chose to observe the day with air conditioning. I headed for the range by myself, which is why I am using old and stock photos for this post.

As I had suggested a few days ago, I headed for the range. I took with me one of my favorite firearms of all time, my Simi Thompson. When these were introduced years ago I was appalled by that silly sixteen inch barrel. It destroyed the classic looks of the weapon. A couple of years ago I decided what the hell, and bought one off Auction Arms. I discovered something the first time I took it to the range. If I had fired it back in the 1970's when I first saw one I would have bought it, even if the barrel had been a yard long.

Would I prefer a "real" Thompson? Who wouldn't?! I have used a very convincing replica in my lectures for years. But economics raises its ugly head. I will settle for going the short barrel rifle route. I have the ten and a half inch barrel - stored at the home of a friend who does not own a Simi Thompson - to keep everything legle. Once I free up the funds for the tax I will have the barrels swapped. Until then 'Cyrano' and I will defend HomePlace quite well.

Today I packed two thirty and two twenty round magazines. In a rock'n roll Thompson operating on spray and pray ground rules they wouldn't last long. When working with a Simi Thompson, picking your targets and making your shots count, a thirty round Magazine seems to last forever. That's one of the things I love about this weapon. Once you've made friends with it you can put those thirty rounds pretty much anywhere you want them. You might not center punch bull's eyes at one hundred yards, but a man size target is no challenge.

As I write this it is five after one A.M. on July fifth. When I'm done I will go back out for awhile. So far I haven't heard so much as a firecracker, and I am proud of the folks who are restraining from fireworks this Fourth of July. As Helene says, New Years is coming. It should be plenty wet by then. When I log off Bear, Cyrano and I will go back out for a couple of hours. It's a nice night, and I feel like a walk with friends.

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