Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Great Stills from Stephanie Plum Movie

There is joy tonight!

I clicked on Stephanie's Obsession and discovered a series of official photos from One From The Money. Where did they come from? A movie site in Russia of course! I will never pretend to understand how the Hollywood mindset works.

This is our first look at material that will be in the movie. Some of them are easy to place. Others don't seem to be sticking exactly to the book. Not really a surprise, but nothing negative I can see so far.

Being a gun fancier I was especially interested in the firearms releated views. The first one up was worth the wait!

In the book Eddie Gazarra takes Stephanie to the range. I don't really know whats going on with Ranger and the Desert Eagle, but I love it! I mean, the look on Stephanie's face is priceless. This one appears to be the .44 magnum, so wait until she hears it go of off!

Why do the nickel Desert Eagles always look so much bigger than the blued ones?

Debbie Reynolds is going to make a great Grandma Mazur. Of course, if you talking about Grandma Mazur and guns, you have to talk about shooting the chicken in the 'Gumphy'. They did not disappoint.

"Think about this for a moment Steff. Your gun and ammunition in your purse - next to your Grandmother! What were you thinking?"

This last photo puzzles me. The obvious explanation is Stephanie shooting Jimmy Alpha. If that's the case they are changing the scene quite a bit from the book. Again, big surprise.

Perhaps they didn't think Stephanie could actually hit Alpha with her gun still in her purse.

I did!

Follow the Stephanie Plum link in my sidebar to a post titled Could They...?

If any of you have never visited Stephanie's Obsession, by all means check it out. For what ever reason I can't cut and paste a link at the moment, but the site is worth goggling.

So, what's next? Helene and I are going to see the last Harry Potter movie tomorrow. Wouldn't it be great if there was a trailer for One for the Money!

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  1. I think Betty White would have made a fine Grandma Mazur, but I'm still looking forward to the movie. Glad we're reviewing "One for the Money".