Friday, August 19, 2011

Triple Cross Disappointment

Let me start by saying I'm not throwing rocks at Netflix. It's a matter of simple math.

60 mile round trip to so/s0 movie rental store


High gasoline prices



Their inventory is much greater than local movie outlets, when they can keep their doors open. The Movie Gallery in Marlin, Texas closed last year.

We aren't sure how long we can justify Satellite TV.

New FCC regulations make antennas all but useless. I can't help but think money must have changed hands.

Buying DVD's just isn't in the budget anymore.

Even with their much publicized rate hikes, Netflix is getting to be a better deal all the time.

That is not to say there are not moments of great disappointment. Sometimes we have problem disk, but Netflix is quick to send replacements. Other problems are unforeseen.


Not long ago I thought of an old favorite movie, Triple Cross, starring Christopher Plummer. This is a wonderful spy story based on the true adventures (give or take) of Eddie Chapman.

Eddie was a bank robber, bugler and opportunist who was in jail in the channel island when they were occupied by the Germans. Cutting to the chase, Eddie became a spy for both the Germans and the British.

I have always loved that movie and wanted to watch it with Helene. A quick check of Netflix showed they had Triple Cross in their inventory. Great, I put it in the queue and sent it to the front of the list. It came in a couple of days later and we setteled down to watch ... a train wreak!

This was a gangster based night mare I had to force myself to stay with for twenty minutes. It didn't get better!

I can't throw rocks at Netflix. Had I looked at the description I would have known at once this was a different film. It never occured to me more than one movie would have that title.

The thing is, even if this Triple Cross isn't my kind of movie, I know there are folks who like this sort of film.

So, one of these days I will find my Triple Cross.

But you know what, there are enough fans of both kinds of film out there to justify stocking both movies. I think Netflix is missing out.


  1. Good post, and a good cautionary tale.

  2. Thanks James. Always read the fine print.

  3. Coulda been worse. When I was in college a group of us decided to rent the latest version of Man in an Iron Mask from Blockbuster (one of my friends was hot for the lead, Leonardo Dicaprio I think). So since I was the one with the car we all piled in and went down to BB, picked up the DVD (right picture and description on the front), got it home and discovered that someone had swapped out the DVD inside for a rather different movie with the same title. Infact the different movie was rather beyond Xrated. Twas not amused.....

  4. Truth be told, that's what I thought had happened before I read the description.