Thursday, July 12, 2012

Strange Bed Fellows

Apologies for my absents of late friends and neighbors. I won't bore you with excuses, I have been a touch preoccupied. An incident occured a few minutes ago that got my heart racing. Once I calmed down a bit the thoght came to me "This would be an interesting blog." So here it is.

Being a plesant Texas day of not terribly over 100 degrees I became restless and could think of nothing that would be more relaxing than shooting holes in something. Running down the list of hole punching aids I thought of my trusty Colt 1917 revolver.

This loyal companion currently spends most of it's time under my pillow where it is readly to hand in the evenings should the need arise. Before any of you say anything, there are no children of any age allowed in our bedroom, so no lectures about gun safes and trigger locks please. But I digress.

I walked down to the bedroom to fetch the colt for our outing. Most of the time I would simply run my hand under the pillow to get it. I am SO glad I didn't this time and picked up the pillow instead.

The main difference between this photograph and real life is that the scorpion was under it, right in the path my hand would traveled to get to the revolver. Here's a better look.

This boy and girls is the Bark Scorpion, a well known villian in these parts. I have lived in the West and South West all my life and have encountered these guys on a regular basis. I never got stung until we came here to HomePlace. My poor, long suffering Helene has been stung twice.


In this case the villian was dispatched by the enthusiastic, adrenaline driven application of another battle tested weapon, the house shoe.

Helene frowns on me shooting anything on our bed. By the time I was finished the vile creature was an unrecognisable stain on the sheet, which is now in the washing machine. I'll go shooting once I get it into the dryer.


  1. I thought this was funny, in an Animal Symbolism page, they suggested:

    "Therefore, as a symbol meaning, the Scorpion represents protection. When the Scorpion makes an appearance in our lives, it is beckoning us to consider the following:

    What needs protecting in my life?
    Am I being overprotective?
    Am I being defensive? Why?
    Am I afraid of being vulnerable?
    How do I feel about control in my life? (too much, too little)"

    Pretty funny since it was next to the gun and killed with a shoe!:))

  2. Greetings from Falls County, Texas,
    Thanks for stoping in Zack and Keresa. I thought about the .45 laying there, but I just know Helene would have noticed the bullet hole in the mattress. Not to mention she was in the living room and would have heard the report.

  3. I know at some point I'm gonna get stung. Dreading the day. Saw one outside carrying her babies on her back. At first glance it looked like a bunch of pimples. Made a wonderful Rorschach inkblot.