Monday, May 28, 2012

Remember and Treasure

This post is unforgivably late. Several thing that demanded my attention bottle necked and chose today to do it.
We set aside this day to remember our fallen Military Hero's be they family, friends or strangers who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. When we think of those who went before us it's impossible to not include others who never wore a uniform. I don't think the service men and women mind that we honor all of our fallen at the same time.
One way I chose to spend the day is to treasure the loved ones still with us. Make sure the children know the stories of generations before them. Remember family is more than blood.
Most of all don't assume those here today will still be here the next time you want to see them. All too often they are not. Don't be lulled into believing age has anything to do with the time a person has left. I wish it were that simple. We all have things we have been intending to say to loved ones be it a child, friend, parent or wife.
The only time you're sure you have is now.

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  1. My son lost a friend (21) and another 2 weeks later (14) recently. We have lost many friends, but its the young ones that seem to have barely started that break one's heart the most, Especially when you are 12. A reminder, that you are right, age has nothing to do with it, and each moment you are with someone, may be your last, even your children and grandchildren.