Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Coming Soon to HomePlace

Sunday morning I received an E-mail that the TV Pilot, WASTELAND, is on hold until further notice. The project is a victim of the domino effect. The unavoidable absence of a cast member made it necessary to delay filming by a week. The problem is that some cast members and primary crew have made commitments to other projects that were then put into conflict. Delays scramble everything.

Anyone who has worked around film knows this happens. I am assured there are no plans to abandon WASTELAND. I will stay in touch with Perry and Dylan. Knowing them I expect the project to proceed in the next few months. If called for more pre-production assistance I will be delighted to do so..

In the meantime we unload the truck and put the equipment back into Props and Wardrobe. Like the actors and crew members on WASTELAND we here at HomePlace also have several projects in the works. Our new focus is an event we will be hosting called

The Great Pumpkin Shoot

For some time Helene and I have done a variety of programs that can best be described as Weapons for Writers. In the past they have been show and tell but folks have often asked if it were possible to actually try out the firearms we talked about. Saturday, October 17 we will be hosting our first live fire event. Festivities will kick off at 09:00 AM that Saturday morning with a Dutch oven Breakfast prepared by our good friend Hangman Hale. After reviewing safe weapon handling, operation and range procedures folks will be checked out in rifle, hand gun and shotgun.

Lunch, also prepared by Chef Hangman, will be provided. Soft Drinks will be available from the tent saloon “ACE IN THE HOLE” over seen by Miss Maggie. During Lunch our Son, Matt Hendrickson, will give a demonstration of marksmanship or profanity depending on whether he hits his marks.

After lunch participants can either try out specific firearm or plink with the weapons they have already been checked out on. The day will conclude with the title event where “posses” will square off against a like number of rampaging orange squash.

See you there.


  1. Let's keep our fingers croossed for good weather. See ya the evening before.

    Mrs. Hang

  2. Yes. Good weather is key to this event, otherwise we'll be shooting off the porch.

    I think we need a saloon sign. I"ll paint one if you like.

    Good thing we Burnetts are flexible when it comes to events.Let's buy a few pumpkins since ours won't be ready.

    Looking forward to shooting pumpkins.