Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What To Take

It is amazing the stuff one collects over a lifetime. When reviewing the firearms I was even more amazed how many of them are strictly for display and film props. Add in support gear like holsters, ammo cans, and incidentals like radio’s, field phones and the field desk and I wonder if I am going to get it all in one trip

I use ammo cans for a lots of storage jobs. They are naturals for sorting ammunition but also make good make shift tool boxes or a catch all for those little things that get lost so easily. Therefore, when they show up at garage sales, flea markets and gun shows I don’t usually pass them up. Between the .30 and .50 caliber I’ll be taking about twenty ammo cans to the film project.

As you can see, I found the Uzi. The AK-47 and Scorpion are naturals for this kind of film. Even though the Thompson, MP-40 and PPHS are World War two they will be in the crowd scenes as well. I didn’t ask about the bullwhip, but I am guessing there is a villain who might need one.

There will also be a smattering of handguns and knives, some 105mm crates, and the flack vest I forgot I had until I came across it looking for something else. Matt might be building their gallows! I wonder if we could have it after the movie. I mean, Perry lives in an apartment so he doesn’t have room for it. Could you think of a better place to nail a NO TRESSPASSING sign?


  1. I know how hard you've been working on getting ready, and Matthew, too! Everything looks in great shape, downright beautiful.

    Weird how the stuff looks different in pictures, like seeing it for the first time.

    That rocket launcher sure needs some paint, though!

    Where do you figure to put the gallows when it retires from the film?


    Please watch those folks with that bullwhip, a person could do themselves major hurt without meaning to.

  2. Art, sometimes your mind and your gear SCARE ME!!! You should send Janet Evanovich you Plum test blog!

  3. Thanks for the comment cher. Aside from the bullwhip none of the stuff in the first two post fire. My mind scares me sometimes.

    I would love to send Janet Evanovich the Plum Test story (I like that title) but I don't think her site has a way to contact link. There must be an address or link I missed.