Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Where did we leave the Uzi?
The chores at HomePlace have taken a turn from the normal path the last couple of weeks. Feed the rabbits, stir the compost bins and replace the wood on the troop seats. Collect eggs, weed the tomatoes and remount the machine gun pedestal in the M-37. The ammo tray and .50 cal. ammo cans need painted. Make sure all the animals have fresh water in this heat. Does
ANYONE know where we packed the Uzi? I know it’s here somewhere.
Truth be told the Uzi is a non-firing prop. Were it live it would be locked up in a safe and I would be much more concerned about loosing track of it. It’s mainly for film and photo work.

For the last few years our Dodge M-37 has become less military and more country. It has hauled feed, building supplies, fire wood and grandchildren all over our small ranch. Now it’s time to get ready for general inspection. After a series of emails and telephone calls I have been asked to bring the Dodge to the location of a TV pilot being shot about 100 miles from here. So the Dodge is being put back in uniform.

Our six year old grandson, Spud, was as excited as I have ever seen him when we uncrated the Browning .50 cal. Machine Gun. I thought he was going to cry when he found out it didn’t really shoot. He thinks his Dad and I need to fix it. Spud doesn’t understand about Class III licensing.
The Dodge is looking better every day. I have the packs and equipment bags, extra fuel cans and rolled canvas to add but will wait until we get to the location. I’m not sure how long we will need to be on site. I need to ask if they want to use the Rocket Launcher. And I still need to find that Uzi.


  1. I really enjoyed your first entry. The part where you kept asking where the Uzi was sounds sooooo familiar.You have a real gift for words. Congrats for your up-and-running blog.


  2. Thanks Sweetheart. It took a while but I think it's going to be good.
    By the way, I found the Uzi.

  3. Sure they don't need Hangman's M1 Garand?

  4. At first I had a large assortment of firearms going up. Then the local Police Chief said he didn't want sny "Guns that could shoot" used in his city. At that point I had to go to replice or, in the case of the rocket launcher, demilled weapons. That ment a lot of neat things had to be left home.

  5. Boooo Hiss hiss hissss & a large rasberry to the Police chief.

    Mrs. Hang

  6. I'm running into this "nothing that works" stuff more and more. Not just in films, but also in programs for writers and civic groups.
    Tis a sad sign of the times.