Friday, October 30, 2009

Jack-O-Lanterns HomePlace Style

It's been two weeks since The Great Pumpkin Shoot but Helene and I thought there might still be a couple of stragglers. This morning we headed down to the range with a couple of lever action long guns.

Helene had a Winchester 1894 Trapper Carbine in .45 Colt. This time we had jacketed hollow points that had been loaded by our good friend Hangman. These were some he used for deer hunting and he warned me "Don't put these in a revolver." The pressures are too high.

I was also carrying a Winchester 1894, in this case a 30-30 rifle. These have probably taken more deer in the last 115 years than all other rifles combined.

The .30 caliber projectile is smaller but has a bunch more power behind it. Rather than a hollow point I had a jacketed soft point.

When we arrived at the range we knew we weren't alone. We could feel them, and then in a blink they were there.

We fired together. It's amazing what jacketed hollow points and soft tips can accomplish going in...

And coming out!

The big one put up quite a fight and had to be shot a couple of times. The Results were ugly.

That's how we make Jack-O-Lanters at HomePlace.

Happy Holloween everyone!

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  1. I feeel so much safer now that the orange terror is under control. I'm glad you noticed the pumpkins growing on the other side of the garden fence yesterday. We'll have to prepare again when they ripen, I'm afraid.