Sunday, October 11, 2009

Seven Days and Counting

Well friends and neighbors we are counting down the last seven days until THE GREAT PUMPKIN SHOOT…and it’s raining. It has been raining all week. Rain is great, don’t get me wrong, but it has been a very dry summer. It couldn’t wait another ten days or so?
Apparently not.
But neither rain, nor car trouble nor help that doesn’t show up will keep us from making ready for this faithful engagement. Matt and I are the strong, silent, drip dry types. The range is transitioning from our plinking spot to something worthy of greeting honored guest.

All the old washing machines, dryers, freezers and other bullet stoppers have been flattened by the bull dozer and loaded on the trailer to be taken to metal recycling. They are being replaced by more professional looking targets and target stands. A new short range berm has been pushed up and the long range berm built up. The shooting lane has been widened. Were still rednecks, we just don’t look like it quite so much.

So are we ready? Get real. There’s still plenty of last minute stuff. The sort of things you, or your wife, don’t think of until the last minute. That’s why they call it last minute stuff.

In the next couple of days ACE IN THE HOLE, our non-alcoholic tent saloon will be up and ready to dispense water, tea and sodas under the watchful eye of Miss. Maggie. Hangman will have the coffee.

Our shy and retiring range cook, Hangman will be arriving this Friday evening and getting ready to perform his magic starting with breakfast for those there early enough. We will have the site of his field kitchen ready and waiting.

A new American Flag will grace the gate post. Folks (probably short folks) will be on hand to direct parking. It will be best to ride to the shooting range in one of our conveyance. Experience shows us too many vehicles collecting on that road are a problem.
Last but not least we will be working on a covered shooting area. It is the rainy season.


  1. You guys have worked hard to get the range cleaned up. Matthew will bring the trailer back for another load of junk, and this place will be looking really nice.

    I'm going to take pics today when we work on the Hut(also our guest house)to get ready for overnite guests. That's going to be an interesting project, too.

  2. If we run out of room for people in the Hut we can put overflow in the Deer blind / guest house. But that's another Blog.