Wednesday, October 14, 2009

There is never a good time to throw a track

Things are marching along here at HomePlace, like time! Some progress has been made. We picked up Ammunition from Ft. Milam Armory Tuesday.

Some set backs. We threw a track on the bulldozer Wednesday afternoon. There is never a good time to throw a track, but it doesn't get much worse than sixty hours before The Great Pumpkin Shoot. Matt reviewed his profanity and it was impressive!

The area is cleared for ACE IN THE HOLE, our non-alcoholic tent saloon, and it is ready to be assembled and stocked.
The Great Pumpkin Shoot sign is ready to go by the road.
Hangman's kitchen area has been prepared and a supply of wood laid in.
Guest quarters...are a work in progress.

The modern day out house arrived this morning. When the man called and asked about how to find the place I told him to look for the Big Green Army Truck.

"Which side of the road," the man ask?

"It will be the only Big Green Army Truck parked on the road."
"That'll work!"
Targets are being set up.
Last but not least Peppi the porch cat, another one (Groan), went with us for Helene's walk this morning. This was a regular occurence until Wally, the big tom, got tired of being run off the food dish by the "Pocket Panther" and she spent several days recovering.

This morning Peppi tried to walk with us but it was just too hard, so she went for a carry.

More to come tomorrow.

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  1. Things are looking good, and our workforce is ready to man their jobs. Ali is the Parking Czar and Spud is the "floater".

    I'm really excited to see our first event become a reality.