Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do You Remember Agent Zero M

Do you remember Agent Zero M? If you were a kid in the mid to late 1960s I bet you do.

Those were the days that the real James Bond, Sean Connery, showed us how to be cool. My cousin Eddie would round up his younger cousins and take us to the drive in theater in Dumas, Texas. Instead of his car he would have Uncle Thurman's pickup loaded with lawn chairs.

We would park near the back with the cab pointed away from the screen. After a raid on the snack bar that resembled Sherman looting Georgia we would be sitting in the bed of the truck, or on top of the cab to watch the film.

Eddie was cool because he was a teenager that spent time with us and I will always love him for that. I have now doubt he enjoyed the James Bond movies for the girls, as did we all, but the gagets made the movies for everyone.

Bond had nothing that was what it first appeared to be. His gaget master Q had to have been the father of the Transformers. Bond's watch, pens and lighters all had special tricks. His car was a luxury assult vehicle. He had all manner of neat stuff in his breif case.

Even James Bond couldn't be expected to fight all the worlds evil single handed. He was assested by The Man (and later the Girl) from Uncle on TV. Not to leave a fad unexploited other spy shows popped up. Get Smart and I Spy were popular American Shows. The theme 'Secret Agent Man' still shows up on oldies stations to enterain folks who have never heard of the show it repersented, or 'The Prisoner'. As for 'The Avengers', as long as Dianna Rigg was in that catsuit I didn't care if they had a plot!

Mattel Toy Company realised there were junior secret agents out there that needed to be equipped with 'Spy Stuff' and stepped in to fill the void. In addition to the "Radio Rifle" pictured above they had a camera that became a pistol. It looked a great deal like my old kodak 126 instamatic. A movie camera that became a machinegun rounded out the set.

So what got me on this subject? This morning my wife sent me a link to 'Field and Stream' with a note to check out the "Texas Flashlight".

Illegal? Oh Yeah! But many childhood dreams are.


  1. "... as long as Dianna Rigg was in that catsuit I didn't care if they had a plot!"

    Ah yes, she was very yummy...

  2. Sure miss the Prairie Drive-in on the north side of Dumas. I think it went defunct in 1983 or 84. Seems like the screen burned down I think. Alas, it is the home to some prairie dogs now but lot's of fond memories. You can still see the rows of mounded dirt where you pulled up the front tires to the speakers though. Or if you had a truck as you said, back up and watch in lawn chairs. Those were simpler days.

  3. Good to hear from someone else who appretiates the finer things Zack.
    Thank you Tory! I'm embarrised to say I couldn't remember the the name of the drive in. I remember one of my trips to visit Mom and I realized the Prairie was gone. I felt a real loss.