Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday Night At The Movies

Helene had a "Girls Night Out" with her friend Maggie last night. Rather than bar hopping and the like this was a sleep over at Maggie's house. Helene and Maggie were teachings buddies and saw each other through the good times and bad that only teachers can relate to.

Maggie lost her husband last year, and is the 'new teacher' in a new school to boot. Helene retired two years ago and feels a bit isolated at times. Every so often they get together for girl time, and as one of the subjects that comes up is men, I run for the hills.

It isn't like I was thrown out, or left Helene at the curb. I came in to visit for a while and we watched Julie & Julia. This was not a sacrifice on my part, I enjoy the film. But once it was over I excused myself and as mentioned above, got clear so the failing of men could be explored in comfort. Not that I'm throwing rocks, we talk about them too.

So last night when I got home I had my own movie night with Bear. The cats were there, but since Bear has joined the group they hide in the nooks and crannies and glair. Cool with Bear, more popcorn for him. It seems to taste better if he thinks he is keeping it from the cats. Plus, Bear likes the same movies I do.

This time it was an old favorite from my childhood, "McLintock!" This was my suggestion for earlier, but was rejected. I don't understand why. It's primarily a love story, but with fist fights, a clay slide, indian raid and explosions. I mean, it is John Wayne. It is also one of the funniest movies I have ever seen.

A lot of the PC crowd throw rocks at it because of the two spanking scenes. They over look the fact that everyone smokes like chimneys and booze flows like water. One little geek once asked me, "Would you spank your wife?"

I know the difference between fantasy and the real world. I see lots of stuff in movies I would never try in real life. To address the above question - Get Real!

First, I don't believe in that sort of thing. Second, this sad little monkey dose not know my gentle bride.

In the time I have known Helene she has become an accomplished shot with rifle, hand gun and shotgun. In fact, she has her own weapons in all three categories. She also did quite well with an Uzi at a range in Houston on our first date. She has learned to throw both knives (her own set and heavy enough to do real damage) and tomahawks. And she knows where I sleep.

Would any of your try to spank a woman like that?


  1. Best not ,not only do you sleep hard, but you sleep in later than I do.

  2. "It's primarily a love story, but with fist fights, a clay slide, indian raid and explosions."


    Yep, it is one of my favorite movies of all time.