Friday, May 7, 2010

The First Copperhead of the Year

13 hours from COPS AND ROBBERS I was driving out to the shooting range with three extra tables when I saw it. A Copperhead, a big one, headed across the road. It didn't make it. Since I was returning from off property I wasn't armed, but HomePlace has no shortage of long sticks.

Had the snake been back in the woods I would have left it alone, but location and timing was bad.
Location - It was traveling from the area where we have our out buildings to the area where the our old sawmill is located. In addition to myself, my wife, the grandkids, Boat and Peppie the outside cats and Bear the dog run that part of the property on a regular basis. Boat is a new mother! This beastie was 19 inches long. Too dangerous to leave in a well travled area.
Timing - We have a bunch of city folk coming here tomorrow, kids as well. Too many to keep an eye on all the time.
As for the jar, I don't usually do that, but I am often asked about snakes in the area. This time around I can show them what's out there. Perhaps they will take me seriously when I say "Watch where you step."


  1. Grandma showed no mercy to copperheads found around the kids.

  2. Great to hear from you Zack. Granny Burnett had the same approach to Diamond Back Rattlesnakes. It didn't help that my Aunt Frances was bitten by one when she was a little girl. This was in the 1930's so medical care or access to it wasn't what it is now.