Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Good Time Had By All

Last Saturday (May 8, 2010) we had our second live fire writers programs at HomePlace. COPS AND ROBBERS was not as well attended as the first but I think that had more to do with putting in the day before Mother's Day than lack of interest. Note to self, next time really LOOK at the calandar!

Our focus this time around was the firearms used by the Cops and the Robbers of the 1920's and 1930's.

As the folks on both sides tended to use the same weapons this simplified matters. In addition to the popular movie guns we also talked about older firearms still in use by average citizens at the time.

I always like to point out Military surplus firearms available in the time period at bargain prices. These are often over looked.

It was prudent for gangs to get out of town fast. Between vet bring-backs and surplus firearms at the hardware store a slow gang could expect to find themselves under fire from just about any rifle or handgun used in The Great War -on either side!

We also attempted to do some 'Movie and TV damage control' by showing what a blank will do to the coke can shown here with the Copperhead that showed up the night before. Several folks remarked on seeing the snake they wish they had worn better shoes!

Part two tomorrow

Thanks to Amy Sharp for all but the last photo

Last photo by Jean-Marie Linhart

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  1. The event was enjoyed by all there. The writers learned a lot that day that you planned, and one thing you didn't. We all learned "a cell phone lodged under a car seat can survive a hail of bullets."
    Who'd 'a thunk?