Saturday, May 15, 2010

The People Make The Difference

For years Helene and I have been doing firearm programs for writers at hotels and conference centers. I put on a pretty good show, but when we move to the range and start handing folks loaded firearms the situation changes. It you have more than two or three students you better have good people helping you make it happen.

Our son Matt and his son 'Spud' moved heaven and earth to get the range ready. He was also one of the range masters that worked with new shooters. He has a gift for this as anyone will discover watching him teaching his own children.

Hangman has been my best friend for over 20 years. He is a storehouse of knowledge and has always given me free run of his firearms collection. These programs wouldn't be near as good without him.

The real glue that holds it all together is my loving bride Helene. Once the event started she handled registration and handed out ammunition. It was the easiest day she had in months.

Not pictured is our ace photographer Amy Sharp. This is because she is usually behind the camers. We use photographs from other people but for quality and volume Amy can't be beat. I would love to make her our offical photographer.

The folks who attended are also part of what makes this fun. Our friend Jean Marie was there along with her Dad. George spent many years as a competative shooter and is quite knowledgeable about firearms and shooting. Having him there felt a bit like defending a thesis, but being a gentelman, if he disaggreeded with anything I said he gave me a pass.

One of the new faces was a man I nicknamed 'The Rifleman' seen here with my 30-30. I believe he had met one of these before!

To paraprase the late great Gorden R. Dixon "Firearms come to Mark's hands like friendly dogs." For someone who hasn't shot much he doesn't miss much either. Here he is making friends with my Mk. VI Webley. If I ever run short on instructors he and I may need to talk.

After hearing how much fun Mark had at THE GREAT PUMPKIN SHOOT his wife Mary Fran wasn't about to be left home again! Here she is learning about the .45 Colt trapper from Matt.

For months we had been hinting at a suprise finally. Once everyone had checked out on the various firearms they were ready.
The Ambush!


  1. We had a good time! I was shocked at how bright and alive Dad was the next day. I am going to have to see if I can get him another day out like that, though the weather won't be very cooperative for the TX summer. Thanks for hosting the event. I will try to bring more friends next time, or at least tell them about it and hope they will decide to come. Timo wishes he could have been there. He liked seeing all the pictures very much.

  2. We missed Timo and enjoyed you and your Dad. It will bew cool again in the fall. Have fun on your trip and and stay safe. Look forward to seeing you on your return.