Friday, October 29, 2010

Broken Shell Extractor 7.62x39

Say hello to my new little friend.

A couple of weeks ago a local man brought me an SKS, belonging to a friend, that wouldn't chamber rounds. He didn't have any details beyond that. There could have been a number of problems.
I took the beastie home and broke it down for a good cleaning. There was no change. After about three days of this I thought maybe there was a blockage in the chamber, and figgured I knew what.

I never realized just how hard it was to get a broken case (shell) extractor. No one local had one for sale. I tried an auction site and I am still waiting for the tool I ordered there.

I finally contacted one of the online vendors that came highly recomended. They had the extractor, with shipping it would have run twenty plus dollars and wouldn't be in until next week (after the first of November).

So I contacted Cheaper than Dirt, some Texas boys out of Ft. Worth. With shipping the extractor was just over half to first quote. They mailed it the next day and it was at the post office Thursday.

After fighting with this thing for almost three weeks I was eager to try the extractor. On the first attempt nothing happened. So I unscrewed it a couple of turns and tried again. This time the action on the SKS locked solid.

I finally resorted to the offically discouraged, sargent recomended practice of kicking down on the bolt like the kickstart on a motorcycle. You can see the results.

The entire neck of a SKS case had been torn off and stuck in the chamber. I ran twenty rounds through it and re-cleaned it before taking it back.

With all the shooting I've done this was the first time I have ever needed a broken case extractor. After this experience I will be in the market for several more.


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