Saturday, October 16, 2010

Utah State Quarters Philadelphia mint They really are out there!

The last quarter released by the United States Mints in 2007 was the Utah State Quarter. Like most folks who have been collecting coins since childhood, I got the Denver minted quarter in the book right away. The Philadelphia minted quarter was another story.

The other state quarters showed up in time, even the hard to find Philadelphia's. All, that is, except of the Utah Philadelphia. It remained the only gap in the State Quarter Book for almost three years.

Tonight I found it! Don't ask me where it came from. The routine is to drop all my pocket change into a jar in the evening, then sort it on the weekend. There were three Utah's, I couldn't believe it when I flipped the first one over and found the P.

So they are out there friends and neighbors! Just keep looking.

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