Friday, January 20, 2012

Car Tags

It seems I took the bait on this one. I had heard about the problem from a Re-enactor friend and thought it worth passing along. When I logged in today there was an E-mail from the gentleman telling me the warning was a Hox.
I wish also to thank Texasgungeek for kindly leaving a comment with the same information. If Texasgungeek reads this, please know the reason I have not posted comments lately is beacuse your system won't let me for what ever reason.
This one struck home because I have had my vehicle targeted by people who followed me from a gun shop in the past.
I will make more effort to check stories in the future.
Take a good look at the picture of the tire. Do you see the spot? It took me some looking to see it. Now I check my vehicles at least once a day. Look at the license plate and bumpers too.
A re-enactor buddy of mine sent this heads-up to the shooting community.
Gangs have started doing this on cars parked at shootings ranges, gun shows and shooting events. There is a good chance cars parked at such places have firearms inside, or will later on. The problem is such parking lots are watched to keep folks from breaking into the cars. So what's a thief to do?
Mark the interesting vehicles with some sort of spot, something that won't attract attention. Later their associates can cruise parking lots of restaurants, hotels or other locations where security is only tight enough to keep theft and break-ins within acceptable limits for their insurance company. The spots tell them which veichles are worth breaking into.
I would love to say this sort of thing was restricted to places like Los Angles, but it has started happening in Texas. A shooting event in San Antonio had cars tagged for later harvesting last summer.
So, look over your car, truck or motor home for markings you didn't put there. It could be a painted dot, mark, check or some sort of symbol. It could be paint, a sticker, magic marker or even scratched into the paint. They are thieves, remember? They couldn't care less about your stuff.
Spotting this early can save you from a nasty surprise later on.


  1. Um sorry to burst the bubble but this has been proven to be hogwash. That mark on the tire is used by manufacturers to indicate a thick point in the bead and that has been proven as fact. Please have a look at for more information about this and the variant that has been circulating that this was happening at shotgun matches. Just want to make sure the right info is out there instead of letting misinformation spread.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on this one. I will make an effort to check facts better in the future.

    BTW, Please be aware TXGunGeek, the reason you have not seen my comments on your excellent blog of late is because for what ever reason it wll not allow me to do so. I will keep trying.

  3. I haven't changed anything but will look to see what Blogger might have done. Glad you got the word. I got email this afternoon from Denver that is happened at a gunstore there and that it was backed up by a Gunsitte instructor. I had to post about it then because it has gotten way out of hand.

  4. yah, this one's working the rounds:

  5. The best way to beat such a operation is to go strait home from the shooting range and put the guns away as soon as one gets home.