Sunday, January 22, 2012

Katherine and Jason Plug One For The Money

Tonight at 7:00PM TV Guide Channel will be running Two If By Sea staring Sandra Bullock and Denis Leary. So what you might ask? (Meaning no disrespect to Sandra Bullock) The movie will be hosted by Katherine Heigl and Jason O'Mara.

According to the spot I watched earlier a great deal of time will be devoted to discussions about One For The Money. They are intending to run the trailers of course, but also clips from the film. The more I see of it, the better I expect it to be.
One For The Money will be released this coming Friday, January 27. Helene and I have had our plans made for months and will be there. Personally, I expect the movie to be big hit!
Of course, the results could be interesting. At the moment Stephanie Plum merchandise is only available on Janet Evanovich's web site and a handful of enlightened book stores that cater to the mystery crowd. After the movie who knows.
A line of exploding or disappearing cars would attract collectors. Who could be the first on their block to collect all of Stephanie's cars?
Action figures are another natural. Stephanie of course, but there would have to be Joe AND Ranger. Anyone who has a Stephanie action figure would need Lula as well. Who could forget Grandma Mazur?
Dare I say it, there could even be a Stephanie Plub Barbie.
There is talk of making additional films depending on the success of this one. There could be dangers in that depending on how far into the series they get.
Is the world ready for Sally Sweet Barbie?