Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Now for Something Completely Different - Full Metal Jousting

Update 02/01/2012
I just saw the first TV ad for this series that showed more than the Logo. It looks good.
All of us have an image from childhood of a knight in shining armor. They tend to be the embodiment of courage, strength and justice. Everyone has wondered what it would be like. History Channel is following that dream with a new reality show titled FULL METAL JOUSTING. The show will follow a survivor format pitting sixteen contestants against each other in a winner take all competition. I expect this to be flagged Viewer Discretion Advised. Take it seriously. Jousting as a sport has never really stopped since the days such men at arms were the cutting edge. There are currently Jousting Societies in the United States, Canada and England. I know the English Society is at least one hundred years old. Injuries are common and deaths are not uncommon. I doubt if we will see anyone killed on screen, but from the previews I know there will be injuries.
As folks who have been here before know I am not a great fan of the survival style programs. "Reality" programs aren't much better. That doesn't keep me from checking out the ones on History and Discovery channel. They still make me nuts on occasion.
Is there any chance the next season of TOP SHOTS will recruit grownups that know they will be expected to use anything capable of sending a projectile, or being thrown down range? When they are whining about I didn't expect - fill in the blank - is when I usually change channels.

How could the gun savvy folks on SONS OF GUNS not know there were a number of fighter planes with machine guns that fired through the propeller in World War Two? The Me.109 and P - 39 to name two.
I will be watching Full Metal Jousting. After all, the plottings and back biting in this one will be historically correct.

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  1. Looking forward to jousting. Sorry for the horses.How about tractor jousting?