Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am Scum

It's official, I am Scum. How can you doubt it when you look at these faces? Through no fault of my own (that's my story and I'm sticking with it) we have acquired no less than four female kittens. If you have cats you know what's coming next. Cat / Klingon opera, in this case a duet.

In no time you are up to your ears in kittens. Cute, fuzzy, playful enduring kittens that will delight the wife and grandchildren, times four! They will have names like Snuggles, and Rascal, Dopey, Stalker, and George.

"Papa Art, can I have this one? Momma says it has to live here though."

So it's time for that trip to the vet. The cages are rounded up, now for the dirty deed. Of course, Helene can't bare to take part in the villainy.

"They would hate me forever," She wails.

Yeah, I'm being played here. So I alone
stalk and grab cats. No fair snatching them from Mom's lap either. One by one they are carried out to the waiting cat carriers on the porch.

Finally the scope of my treachery is revilled. Four shocked, betrayed faces peer out of prison doors at me. A combination of "How could you"and"We always knew you were no good".

They will be home on Sunday. That's when my punishment will really start.


  1. Oh, my poor babies! They look terrified. Remember babies, Momma loves you, and Daddy is to blame for the whole experience. See you Sunday!

  2. We talked to Susan last night and found out all the cats came through their surgery just fine. They will be home Sunday afternoon.
    Wait until they see the surprise we have for them. The family has swelled to include Puppy Burnett!