Thursday, December 10, 2009

What Will Shotgun Ammo Do

Recently Steve over at THE FIREARMS BLOG posted a great video about shotgun ammunition. As some of you know my trouble load at HomePlace is staggered 00 buck and slugs as any late night, uninvited guest and souvenir hunters will discover.

The link below is to a video that shows those old time favorites as well as flatteche rounds, dragon's breath, buck and ball and lots of other exotic loads you may have seen at gun shows or advertised on line or in magazines.

In addition to great footage of ballistic gel getting "what's for" they show some of the rounds being turned on protective vest and other targets.

This is not your typical YOUTUBE offering but rather 17 + minutes of 'Terminator Like' destruction. So if you have ever wondered what a "Breaching" round would do put it on full screen, turn up the sound, grab a coke and popcorn, wake up the kids and call the neighbors.

I personally don't endorse anything but the 00 buck and slugs but this is entertainment for young and old alike. Afterwards be sure and visit Steve at THE FIREARMS BLOG to see the other neat stuff he has.

Rounds of Authority: Shotgun Ammunition

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