Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to All

Helene has been busy in the Kitchen all day making "Wonderful Things". The cats are trying to help. Bear is asleep in his 'house' so I let him sleep while I went out to feed.

What is it with freaking white stuff?! I treasure the image of a White Christmas as much as anyone...on Christmas Cards or anywhere I'm not. The good part is it was only stinging sleet and melted as soon as it hits.

The rabbits and chickens greeted me with "will we be fed today kind sir" whimpering from big eyes. It's followed up with "that's it?" They also got water.

We got an extra threat from 'Thing Two', one of the rabbits. She gave birth the first litter of this breeding season. I'm not sure how many but they are warm and wriggling.

Later we will be wrapping presents. Some folks will say I cheaped out on the Kids this year but I am giving each of them something they went nuts over when we were pulling gear out for the TV pilot WASTELAND. Our Grandaughter Ali, 11 and her little brother Spud, age 6, loved the military harness sets with ammo pouches and..."Look at the canteens!" They are too small for the harness and belt sets but each of them will have an Offical US Army Canteen and Cover. They got more excited over those than any toy advertised this year.
Later we will pack up to go to Matt and Stacy's home for Christmas Eve Dinner and to exchange gifts. Bear has been invited to come alone as well. The cats are not amused.
After we get home Helene and I will exchange personal gifts at the house. I already have the big one, my little buddy Bear who is getting better every day. This is something else that concerns the cats.
When I was a kid Christmas was about family and presents. To be honest not in that order. When I left home Christmases with the family at Grandmother Burnetts homeplace became less frequent due to distance and work schedules. Some were spent alone. Now I have my family and Helene and I are building our own HomePlace.
Merry Christmas everyone to you and yours from Helene, Art, Bear, Ock, Varmint, Bon-Bon, Bright Eyes, Fluff-ums, Wally, Boat, Peppie, 20 rabbits and counting, and the chickens.


  1. Art, a very Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

  2. And many more Christmases together!

  3. Thanks folks,
    It's been a great year. One to more and greater adventures in 2010!