Thursday, February 24, 2011

For Lack of Cartridges

Is ‘America’s Dumbest’ holding auditions? If so, I believe there may be a couple of contenders in Kansas City. Not only did these guys try to rob a gun store, they lost money in the process.

Last week a young man entered GUNS UNLIMITED in Kansas City, Missouri wanting to buy a box of .357 Magnum Cartridges. When told the price would be in the fifty dollar range he said he lacked the full amount would have to return at another time.

A little before five the same day the young man returned with a friend and was served by the same clerk he had seen earlier. After checking the young gentleman’s identification to confirm his age, early twenties, the clerk tallied price plus tax and informed the pair the cartridges would be $50.19 all told. The customer promptly produced two twenty dollar bills.

When it was clear no other funds were going to be offered, the clerk prompted, “Your $10.19 short.” That’s when things got…stupid.

Rather than getting more money, the punk pulled a .357 revolver from his waistband and ordered the clerk, “Give me your money!”

Now, less think about this for a second. They’re in a gun store, and the clerk knows guns. With the revolver pointed strait at his face it was easy to see that the chambers for the cylinder were empty. You may recall they are in the store to buy ammunition for this handgun. Humm.

The clerk was wearing a semi-auto in plain sight, and it was loaded! The smile on his face as he reached for his weapon must have spoken volumes.

The two punk’s eyes got big as dinner plates and they ran from the store, hitting the door so hard folks thought they would break the glass. The twenty dollar bills, with their finger prints, were still sitting on the counter. If my experiences buying ammunition are anything to go on, the name and address of the gunman was also recorded.

The clerk said he didn’t even have the weapon pointed at them before they were gone. When the police are done with the two twenty dollar bills he wants them back.

“I think I’ve earned them.”


  1. I did not know you had to give a recorded name/address/etc to buy bullets in MO. I guess NC isn't so bad after all :)

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    Thanks for the visit, Counsel.

    I'm not sure about Missouri. Texas checks ID's for ammo, and many stores put the customers name and address on the ticket. That's why I was saying "if my experiences buying ammunation are anything to go on".