Friday, February 11, 2011

Just In Case

I have always loved candles, ever since I was a kid. I keep a supply on hand, and not just to look at. Candle light adds a warm glow to a room. I prefer unscented candles, but the sometimes a pine scent is alright providing it isn't over powering. When Helene and I started seeing each other I was delighted to discover she felt the same way.

Since moving to HomePlace the candles have become much more practical due to our hit and miss electrical service. It isn't that we will lose power every week, or even every month. You can rest assured the power will go down without warning, and with a frenquency we have not encountered anywhere else we've lived. Sometimes for days at a time. So, as a precaution, every evening we light a candle when we first turn on the lights.

This way, rather than fumbling around in the dark trying to remember where the flashlight was used last, we are greeted by a candle's warm glow. Losing power is still annoying, but we skip the initial inconvenient transition back to light. It's a matter of starting the generator and running a cord to a power strip I already have set up for such events.
I know there are systems that come on automatically. That would mean buying a second generator (I use mine all over the property) and an expensive installation.
We'll just light a candle.


  1. We love using candles too and we have some oil lamps and lanterns as well, but recently have taken to using battery powered lanterns... we worry that our ever-indoor cats may knock something over and start a fire.

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    Like you we are 'blessed' with cats. I usually only have a candle going in the room I'm in for just that reason. The surface they sat on also needs some thought. I just hate that "Limestone Cave Darkness" when the power goes out.