Saturday, February 5, 2011

Top Shots is Back

Jason, over at Jason's Blog, posted that Top Shot's Season Two will start next week.
I personally found 'Top Shots' to be a mixed bag. I enjoyed the weapons, and would love to try out some of the challenges. I mean, how cool would it be to slide down that wire blazing away at a target? I could have done with a little less "Survivor" however.

What do I mean by that? The drama and back biting. I have been thrown lots of curve balls when shoting. There have been guns I wasn't familur with. Great, now I am and I was grateful for the experience!

In one of our Cowboy Action Shoots we were required to shoot the stage with the single action in our left, or weak, hand. I couldn't hit the ground with my hat that day, but I also learned with practice I could do it. Have any of us not watched Roy Rogers blazing away with a single action in each hand, and dropping about a hundred bad guys without reloading? I can still only get six shots out of mine, and hit the targets about half the time. But I feel like a million bucks living the dream!

The voting people out by shooting their target with a handgun was a bit much, but it goes with the theme. My biggest problem with the first season of Top Shots was the whining. It seemed like all of them were howling at one point or another about having to use something odd. One was having to use a bow and arrow. Let me assure you anyone who can use a rifle, and can step out of the box so to speak, can make friends with a bow. Did you know a Kukri can be used as a throwing knife. I actually got pretty good at it.

Sometimes the whining took the form of bad sportsmanship. The bickering and endfighting was boring, and disgusting. I hate to think how much of the nonshooting world is forming their openion of us based on the behavior of some of these individuals.
Frankly, if I ever had the chance to compete on the show I would go for broke and have a ball with it. I'm saddened the competitors never thought of that.

Having said all this, will I be watching this year. Absolutely! It's shooting, on a great variety of stages, with all manor of neat guns. Even the non firearms look to be fun, but then I have always enjoyed archery, tomahawks and throwing knives. I think they should try atl atl's and the bolas.

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  1. Most folks like the backbiting and drama in these reality shows. That's what brings them in. The purists will need to watch the show for the stages and the shooting.