Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Assume it's loaded!

We are told from the time we start shooting to assume all firearms are loaded. When we're new shooters most of us are rigid about safety rules. Then, we become "old pro's" and don't sweat the small stuff.

This photo came to me from a friend in re-enacting. I will add quickly that it's not my shoe. I don't know who this is or when the photos were taken. According to the story that came with these photos the guy was testing the trigger on a handgun. It worked!

As bad as this looks the guy was lucky, the bullet - a .45 I believe - passed between the toes - after a fashion. It looks like a little bit of bone is showing on that big toe. When the shock wears off he ain't going to believe the pain.

As bad as the first photo looks, this one looks worse. It only takes a second of thoughtlessness for disaster to strike. The last time I wrote about a accidental discharge (It Only Takes One - 02/04/2010) a good man died.

Please be careful folks, this kind of thing happens in a split second you can never take back.


  1. I was in a store that sold guns one time. The salesperson and customer were sighting a rifle down an aisle I was about to cross. I saw that and jumped back. They said, "No worries, little lady, it's not loaded." I replied, "My Daddy told me never to walk in front of a gun or to point one at anybody you don't intend to shoot." Those two looked at each other abashed and said, "Your Daddy's right." They sighted it at the ceiling after that.

  2. You never can stress safety enough. Even those of us that have been around guns for decades can have lapses in judgment. When handling guns becomes routine that’s when accidents happen.