Friday, March 9, 2012

Texas Girl Scouts

I just saw a news update - They got them!

A few days ago two low life’s made news coast to coast. For reasons best known to them they had to show what big men they were by stealing money from a group of girl scouts selling cookies. They were just about over matched. James at Hellinahandbasket has all the details.

These were Central Texas Girl Scouts! They are a different breed. When the punk grabbed the money and ran to his buddy’s car the girls did not scream and call for someone to save them. They gave chase and in the words of a witness “beat the tar out of that fool.” The thieves escaped only due to a shortage of heavy blunt objects. Had there been a supply of bricks on hand that car would have been easy to find. I know of which I speak.

This is my Granddaughter, a member of a different Girl Scout Troop only a few miles from the one that was robbed. The rifle she is holding is her Dad’s but the hog is hers. She was insulted when someone suggested she would pose with a hog someone else had shot.

She didn’t stop at shooting the hog. Her Dad will be having back surgery soon and couldn’t lift it into the back of the truck alone – she helped. When they got home she also helped dress it out. She had a hand in curing the meat. She loaded the first ham into the smoker, and you better believe when it was served she was the first in line to get a slice.

She isn’t even the meanest girl in her Girl Scout Troop. Would you try to snatch a cashbox from a dozen girls like this?

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