Monday, March 5, 2012

Fun With Wildlife

Do you see it?

I didn't at first. Look a couple of feet below the transformer.

We have been hearing a woodpecker around the house for some time but never saw it. Then Sunday Matt came in and said "You have to see this." I don't really have a problem with the woodpecker making a nesting hollow. The power poles are better than my trees for this.

I just would have been happer if he had chosen a different one.

When I tried to report it to the electric company they weren't too impressed. I was informed this extention was for reporting emergencies.

Perhaps someone will be out before the top of the poll falls off.


  1. LOL

    If the nest is active, methinks the utility company would run afoul of one or more of the government conservation agencies if they tried to do anything.

    Keep that generator fueled and ready! Mother Nature is setting you up for a dark spell.

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    Too true Zack.

  3. My pole out front of the house looks like that, both Time Warner and Verizon have been out and up the pole for various reasons, neither commented on it. The power company responded about like yours. Considering that a couple weeks ago the top half of a mostly dead tree out back fell over in a wind storm, right about the same spot as the top of a woodpecker's nest I'm not to thrilled about that....

  4. l0ooks like the one that likes the tree in our back yard.