Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quiet Day at Home

Today I celebrate my birthday with a quite day at home. The weather is nice, not too hot or cold. Looks like we can expect rain for the next couple of days, but not freezing thank goodness.

Helene and I have been indulging in an audio book, S.M. Stirling's Protector's War. This is an old favorite, but the audio book is new and we can enjoy it together. For anyone who hasn't read "The Change" series I recommend it highly.

I am breaking one rule this evening. Rather than a cake I am allowing my self an early Cherry Cream Pudding. For those not familar with Cherry Cream Pudding, check my December listing for an explaination and the reciepe.

I remember large, loud parties and friends that tried desperately to throw a surprise party I didn't find out about in years past. I didn't try to spoil the surprise, really. I just kept stumbling into the plans. Helene was successful once in Houston. That day I hadn't a clue.

As nice as big parties are, it's hard to beat a quite day at home with my wonderful wife.


  1. Happy Birthday! Maybe we can fit in a cahpter of On the Seas of Eternity, too.

    Love SM Sterling's take on life after the event known as the "Change".

    I've had a good day too!

  2. Hippo Birdies, Two Ewes!

    Glad you had a great day. I'll be looking forward to hearing you have had many more!