Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sons Of Guns

Tonight Discovery premiered a new series, Sons Of Guns. The show is based on Will Hayden's weapon shop, Red Jackets. What do they do at Red Jackets? You name it!

It started with a man who wanted a suppressed shotgun he saw in a movie. He had to have one.

While they were still figuring out how to do that a truck pulls in with a Church bell Cannon on a trailer - an original from the Civil War! The guys want to shoot it.

My favorite is the 'Master Key' requested by the local SWAT Team. If it weren't for the paperwork I would want one of these myself.

One of Will's challenges is getting this stuff past his daughter, Stephanie, who runs the business end of the shop. Things like the M-203 he had to buy "Due to the tottle inability to continue life without it". I have written down several such lines for 'debates' with my wife.
Red Jacket deals with a combination of cutting edge weapons and antiques, sometimes restored and sometimes built from scratch. If follow up episodes are as good as what I saw tonight I will be watching Sons Of Guns for a while.


  1. Whew! First thing that comes up on this blog are that guy's scary eyes! Hard thing to take early in the morning!What about the daughter in this new series?

  2. I think this show is awesome! I like the projects they work on and there is a lot less drama than most reality shows. As a Dish Network employee I have been recording the new episodes at home and streaming them to my phone when I have time with the Sling Adapter. I also like how the personalities of everyone in the shop go together nicely. I hope they get enough of a fan base to take this show from thirty minutes to a full hour!