Thursday, January 6, 2011

Re-Enactment Safari

I recieved this from a re-enactment group this evening. It's not your normal fare. As this is an invation event I have eddited the location and peoples names.

Rather than shooting up Yankees or Germans these folks want to relive the days of the great walking Safaris of Africa 100 + - years ago. Does this sound like fun to anyone else?

Read the following and see what you think. If there is enough interest I'm sure there will be other such events.

Dear Ladies and Gentlmen,

You are cordially invited to attend an opportunaty of a life time by joining a few fellow hunters to take part in a winter safari. This safari will be hosted by XX of X, Texas. The property is a wonderful site for a big game hunt with semi-wooded hills, wet weather creeks and a great camping site.

This will not be just a set around the camp and shoot at a few targets in the open. This will be a walking safari over open ground, into rocky and sandy creek beds, tall grass, and thickets. The targets will be of big African game at verying ranges under verying conditions. You will be guided as a group on this treck and given many opportunaties to shoot at these targets. The firearms shall be of the proper type as used in the period of you choosen time period prior the year of 1940.

In addition, late in the day Saturday you will be given a chance to hunt live wild boar/hog. These maybe taken with your choose of period firearm.

The camp opens xxx xx, xxxx. The site will be close to the most up to date modern coveniences possible if needed. You may unload you equipment of you choosen period on site and move your transport to a safe area nearby.

The large wall tent may be used for quarters. In additon an A frame tent may be used for storage. XX will setup a fire pit and we will have at least two camp stoves for general use. As well as a few other camp items such as tables and chairs will be on site but, more equipment is welcome. You may set up what ever quarters you wish to fit your impression.

Your impression shall be correct for the period of your choose. However, this safari is for the most part based on the 1930's in a cooler area of Africa. The weather could be below 0 deg. or well into the 70 deg. range, damp or very dry. At this time there is a fire ban.

If in the event of heavy rainy weather the event will be canceled due to the possible poor conditions of the roads and grounds.

The county road is an improved hard top with one low water crossing, X and there are a few cattle guards along the way. There is a large two story stone house with a few barns on the left side of the road. The event enterance is a hard to see dirt driveway just past the next cattle guard. There is an address sign X with an old cow skull mounted on the post. You will turn just before the sign.


  1. It does sound like fun. Better be sure who's walking behind you though. Remember the movie you did with inexperienced re-enactors?

  2. Actually, those guys were everyday extras. I never thought I would meet men from Texas in their 30's and 40's who had never fired a weapon in their lives.

  3. That sounds like a lot of fun. It is definetly something I would go to.